GO.20 Dt.28-3-16 Common Examinations to the students from Classes VI to X in all schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh

School Education Department – Conducting Common Examinations to the students from Classes VI to X in all schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh irrespective of managements – Orders Issued.

  1. After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby accept the recommendations of the committee and accordingly, in addition to the orders issued in the G.O. 1st read above on implementation of Examination Reforms i.e. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation pattern of examination system and in G.O.Ms.No. 12 School Edn (Prog.II) Dept, dated: 25.02.2016 on carry forwarding of weightage of 5% marks from class VIII and 5% marks from class IX to class X for the class X batch of 2017-18 and also orders of the Government from time to time on carrying out weightage of marks, it is ordered to conduct Common Summative Examinations for the students of classes VI to X in all schools in the State of Andhra Pradesh irrespective of managements duly following the procedure mentioned below:
  2. A. Applicability:
    1. Existing examination system in respect of classes I to V will be continued.
    2. All recognized schools of A.P irrespective of managements should follow the Common Academic Calendar. SCERT is to develop the same in consultation with all the Residential Societies / Ashram Schools and Private Unaided Schools.
    3. Common Examination / Assessment System will be introduced and implemented for Classes VI to X for all Schools functioning under different Managements. This would involve Common Question Paper for Summative 1, 2 & 3 to be issued from State level for all media.
    4. SCERT will set the common question paper by selecting and involving the best faculty from all managements across the State. Question paper setting is to be done from Classes VI to X for all media (viz., Telugu, English, Urdu, Kannada, Tamil and Odiya) for Summative Assessment-1, Summative Assessment-2 and Summative Assessment-3 external examinations.
  3. B. Conduct of Common Summative Examination and Assessment:
    1. Common Examinations for Summative 1, Summative 2, Summative 3 for Classes VI to X (excluding Summative 3 for X class)
    2. Procedure to be followed:
    i. Common Paper is to be issued by SCERT to District Common Examination Board (DCEB). The DCEB in turn will print and supply the Question Paper (QP) to the Mandal Resource Centers (MRCs).
    ii. An Observer will be appointed by the DEO for each High School in the cadre of School Assistant within the radius of 8 KMs.
    iii. Conduct of Examination at respective schools as per the schedule communicated by the SCERT.
    iv. Evaluation of answer scripts of the Summative 1, Summative 2 & Summative 3 of Classes VI to IX and of Summative 1 & Summative 2 of Class X shall be made in the neighbouring Mandal duly following the jumbling procedure. Teachers in Government and Private Schools will be involved in evaluation. Care should be taken by the DEO to ensure evaluation by the same medium school teachers.
    v. 10% validation of answer scripts evaluated through external evaluators will be ensured by the DEO
    vi. The evaluation results will be uploaded from the Mandal Level on www.cse.ap.gov.in under the supervision of Gazetted Officer i.e, MEO/Dy.IOS/Gaz. Head Master as per the User Manual.
    vii. Director, Government Examinations will undertake compilation, sample verification of uploaded evaluation results, data analysis, report generation, dissemination of the Common Summative results. The same shall be made accessible on the Commissioner of School Education Portal.
    viii. Respective managements will develop strategies and action plans based on the evaluation results for improving children performance
  4. C. Schedule for Conduct of Common Summative Examinations:
    i. The 3rd Summative shall be conducted for Classes VI to IX in all recognised schools, under all managements of Government for the academic year 2015-16 at school level only.
    ii. The three Common Summative Examinations shall be conducted for Classes VI to IX, in all Schools, of all Managements duly following the jumbling procedure, from the academic year 2016-17 as per the Academic Calendar issued by SCERT.
    iii. For Class X, Common Summative 1 and Summative 2 will be conducted for all recognized schools, under all managements from the academic year 2016-17. Summative Examination 3 for class X will be Public Examination.
  5. D. Cost of Printing and Supply of Question Paper :
    Cost of printing and supply of Question Paper for classes VI to X shall be met by the respective Managements of the Schools i.e., for all Govt./ZP/MPP/MPL/Aided Schools/ Model Schools / KGBVs i.e. from SSA funds. For Residential Schools functioning under different societies from their respective societies and for Private Recognised Schools from their respective Management funds.
  6. E. Report Cards /Online display:
    i. The report cards /booklet shall be prepared and given to the students / parents duly singed by the Headmaster/teacher.
    ii. The Student wise/ School wise/ Mandal Level / District level performance shall be hosted in the dashboard.
  7. F. Constitution of Committees:
    The Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad shall constitute District Level Committees and Mandal Level Committees duly specifying the role and responsibilities of committees, such as, setting, printing & supply of question paper, cost of question paper per child, placing the orders to print, communication of schedule of examinations for smooth conduct of examinations, uploading of marks in the designated website, evaluation of performance of students, conduct review meetings, for improvement of performance of students, evaluation of answer sheets etc.
  8. G. Syllabus and Indent for text books:
    a. Follow Sub Rule 3 of Rule 10 of G.O. Ms. No.1, Education (PS.2) Dept., dated 01.01.1994 in respect of the syllabus and Text Books prescribed by Government of Andhra Pradesh for all Classes VI to X, irrespective of managements.
    b. Private School managements shall be instructed to submit their indents for textbooks for classes VI-X to the respective DEOs.
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