GO.262 Dt.25-10-16 Permission to introduce English Medium in all Municipal Schools in AP

MA&UD Dept.,- Introduction Of English Medium In All Classes in all Municipal Schools form 2016-17 Academic Year except 10th              Class in Andhra Pradesh for Support Of Urban Poor-
Guidelines - Regarding

Three reasons why we should prefer English Medium schools?
Knowing English is vital English is the language of computers.
It is the language of conversation. It is the language of business. It is the language of Science and it is the language the world speaks. Lack of fluency in English can be a huge hindrance in the future.

Early introduction will help to build comfort with the language:
We think in the language we are comfortable with. And we are
comfortable with languages we pick up early on. So sooner you
introduce a student to English, the easier it is to adopt to it. In fact,
science has proven that our linguistic abilities, i.e. the ability to
pickup new languages, go down drastically with age.
Early on, we can try without worrying about mistakes or failure:
The older we grow, more conscious we are of ourselves and of
committing mistakes. At a young age we are not afraid to commit
mistakes or be corrected. However, as we grow older, the stakes are
higher. That is why, most people will not try to practice something
new at their jobs. The bottom line is that we need to teach our kids
in English because it is vital for their future and for that we must
start early. All this is great, but we still need to consider that
children learn at their own pace. Also English is not the only thing
that they have to learn at school. So we need to strike the right
balance in introducing the kids to a new language.
Communicative effectiveness:
No doubt English is very important today. But in maths class,
focus should be understanding the fundamentals of Maths i.e.
numbers, shapes, additions etc. The ability to correctly spell addition can be acquired later too. Even proficient speakers need help when English becomes the medium of instruction. Pragmatic ability is more important than proficiency when English is used as a medium of instruction. In settings where English used as medium of instruction Communicative effectiveness takes precedence over
language complexity. Any speaker may aim for better accuracy,
fluency and language complexity, but when it comes to investing in a communicative situation the desired outcome shall be -
Communicatively Effectiveness. So here goes, English Medium
School, as the name suggests, is a school where “Medium” of
instruction is English. For this to happen, 4 conditions need to be
met. All subjects, other than languages like Telugu, Hindi and
Sanskrit, are taught in English. The books for all these subjects are
in English. The home work and class work assignments as well as
the examination for these non-language subjects is taken in English.
Finally, and more importantly, Teacher uses English as a language to teach these subjects to the class.

After careful examination of the proposal, Government hereby
accord permission to introduce English Medium in all Municipal
Schools in the State in the following norms Primary,Upper Primary and High Schools.

Download the Norms from below link

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